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Studio Choices

Many times I get asked what do you have on your property? What is locations are inside the 5 mile radius? What kind of backdrops you have in your studio? Well here is a list of what is where. 


​On the studio location I have a variety of different outdoor sets that are great if you dont want to leave the yard! From a large barn, old road signs wall, old tires, flag background, old subway wall, red tin wall, rustic tin wall, flowers, weeds, white fence, license plate wall, neon graffiti wall, teal blue door, white cottage with flowers, rusty blue tin, old house, downtown brick corner, and always adding more each year. I am always updated photo of backdrops on my Instagram and Facebook Fan Page. Outdoor sets are always changing, 

IMG_0601IMG_0601    IMG_2060IMG_2060   IMG_8395IMG_8395   IMG_9340 1IMG_9340 1

    IMG_4062IMG_4062    IMG_9498IMG_9498   IMG_4349IMG_4349


IMG_3653IMG_3653  ​     IMG_5936IMG_5936    colefamily2017_6558 1colefamily2017_6558 1

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Gas Station

This awesome spot has almost everything you need for a great outdoor photo shoot. It has an old car, gas pumps, different buildings, license plate wall, old telephone booth, old coke bottle machine and rustic signage. This is very popular with senior and families. Located on right in Hickory Corners.  

88       IMG_2943 1IMG_2943 1    

IMG_2719IMG_2719   IMG_1205IMG_1205    3030    IMG_6049IMG_6049

  IMG_1021IMG_1021   IMG_1016IMG_1016   IMG_8409 1IMG_8409 1


Town Hall

This location is my favorite for fall photos, it looks great for weeks in the busy fall season. Works well for all types of sessions. It is also great for anyone that is into hunting or has a car/truck/bike! 

IMG_5863IMG_5863    IMG_0040 1IMG_0040 1    IMG_0829IMG_0829

IMG_6279IMG_6279    IMG_5214IMG_5214    IMG_0524IMG_0524    IMG_6177IMG_6177


County B River

This river location is right down the road and makes great water photos. The water is not to deep that if you dont want to get wet you can still get great photos in the water.


IMG_2825IMG_2825      IMG_0708IMG_0708    IMG_5858IMG_5858   



Wheat Field (Only in Mid July)

Wheat is only golden for a short amount of time in Mid July.

IMG_7188IMG_7188    IMG_2382 1IMG_2382 1    IMG_5133IMG_5133





Stiles Iron Bridge

This location has a lot to offer if you would like to travel a bit. It has water, train tracks, rocks, and a great brunt orange bridge. 


  IMG_3402IMG_3402 IMG_2675 3IMG_2675 3 IMG_1401IMG_1401


Suring Bridge

Suring bridge offers water, gazebo, steel bridge and lots of rocks to set near the water. 


IMG_3283IMG_3283     IMG_9431IMG_9431   IMG_4694IMG_4694    IMG_7243IMG_7243


Travel to Your School 

Would like photos taken on your football field, or track or inside the school. Then let me travel to you. 


IMG_3773 1IMG_3773 1    IMG_2979IMG_2979     IMG_9272 1IMG_9272 1  


Travel to Your House

I can travel to your house to do all your photos if you would like a personal touch.