Photography By Karen | A Little Update From My Family To Yours

A Little Update From My Family To Yours

August 10, 2016  •  1 Comment

IMG_7457IMG_7457 This is really late but everyone meet my little man, Walker Alan! He is a blessing that my husband and I have prayed for a long time for.  On February 8 2016 he graced us with his presence 5 weeks early and was only 5 lbs 3 ozs. He was healthy and happy just wanted to come early, I guess he has patience like me. He is now 6 months old and is working on crawing and eating solids, he loves his sweet peas. 

Long before I started my photography business I knew that I wanted to have a family and become a mom. Growing up on a dairy farm my parents were always just outside if we needed anything and always had time to spend time with us. I knew that I wanted to do the same. I decided that I was not going to send him to daycare and continue my photography business while having Walker home with me. 


Since he came early my maternity leave was cut short since I thought I had a whole another month of time to photograph some clients, but thankful they all moved their sessions to the following month so I could learn to jungle my new life with a newborn. 

​Now a couple months later Im a back to work and lucky to have a great extended family to watch him while I photography clients couple days a weeks. Grandparents love their Walker time, and his aunts. 

​Before Walker I could schedule anytime, and not have to worry about where my child was going or when I have to pump. Now I make sure that I have enough time between each session to take care of pumping so I can focus on my clients session. 

Now when it comes to editing, this is a whole new area! Walker and I are learning this together, instead of the old saying "sleep while the baby sleeps" In my house it is "edit while the baby sleeps"  It may take me little longer then usually to edit one photos but it is all worth it when Walker smiles at me and I know that I am here for him. I know that I am lucky that I can work from home and not need daycare, some mothers need daycare and its totally okay to send them. Daycares are a great social experience and wonderful for kids. And who knows maybe when he is older or I have another I will choose to send them. Life is ever changing. 


I also decided about a year ago before Walker came that I was going to start to honor business hours. I am closed on Sundays and Mondays to run errands and spend time with my family. I also have business hours on weekdays, I shut my phone off after Im closed and return all messages the next business day. I was so clued to my phone/emails that life was passing me by. I want to live in the moment. 

​Working mothers all need a gold metal and lots of love! I am new at this and I dont know everything and Im sure I will make a mistake every now and again. I do have a great supportive husband that helps when he is home. 

​I just thought maybe my current or new clients would like to knew a little bit of what it is like to run a photography business with a newborn. Love it! 


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